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Knot So Typical: TIY Founder & Origin Story

Let’s start at the very beginning (it’s a very good place to start). I am Andrea Nucete-Elliott, a professional volleyball player, originally from Caracas, Venezuela. My heritage is Amazonian and Italian and I grew up on sandy beaches. Later, I moved to Italy. 

All of my life I was a sportswoman and had this insane work ethic. If practice started at 9am, I was there at 8am. My drive and ambition landed me a spot in Italy’s second division, where I played indoor volleyball from 19-22. Once I got to the U.S., I took on the challenge of beach volleyball. 

I still do it all. Literally. I work, I train, I coach, I play. All of this energy and commitment are evident in TIY.

If I’m going to do something, it’s going to be the best. And TIY is. We’ve worked tirelessly to find the absolute best product and test it with the best people. I’m awed at the support of people in the sports community, but see how TIY is reaching even further than that. 

Every day, we have abuelas, moms, aunties, teens, and kiddos using our hair ties. 

The best part of the story is that anyone can use these. Because it is a customized hair tie product, you go through these super simple steps and create a perfect knot that works for your hair. This was super important to me. Whether you’re rocking braids, have awesome curls, texture, super straight hair, you can use our hair ties. 

In our small way, we are representing a bigger picture reality: the world is better when we all get to be ourselves. I hope people feel the love that went into TIY and the love that pours out of it everyday. Join our community. Spot the knot. Do something brave. Be your wonderful self. And we’ll play this small role, so full of joy that you’re here with us.

Want to see some of Andrea’s favorite products? She uses all of the TIY lines and colors, but check out her latest crush: the TIY Pro in teal, dark orchid, or citrus.